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The randomness rsmalls
Date: Apr 10, 2016 6:28:51 PM PDT
Author: limit

These items also have a greater chance at being suited to your class. I found myself replacing most of my Barbarian's gear every few levels with drops from the world. It's a much more fun process than selling bags full of Monk or Wizard gear on the Auction House and using the proceeds to purchase upgrades. Slaying enemies and finding great loot among the rubble was always the most enjoyable aspect of Diablo. The changes to the loot system ensure that you spend most of your time in the killlootkill cycle. The new Mystic helps as well. This artisan allows you to change the property on one of your items to one of three randomized possibilities. It won't save a completely awful piece of loot but it can be the difference between a weapon being a slight downgrade or a worthy upgrade. The randomness of the Mystic's enchantments keeps the process from feeling as mechanical and lifeless as the auction house was.The new difficulty system likewise keeps you moving forward. In the past, you had to play through the entire campaign on a difficulty level to unlock the level above it. Now, though, you can switch the difficulty level even in the same session. If you're struggling, just crank the Runescape game down to a lower level to keep going. While the openended zones of Reaper offer many optional dungeons and quests, you won't need to do them to grind up your level. I ran straight through some areas and didn't suffer as a result. The enemies' level is based off your level so you can beat Malthael well below level cap on Normal or Hard. Reaper of Souls doesn't come to a screeching halt in the same way that D3 does when you finish the campaign. Blizzard has a firmer endgame plan in place now than just "Hey, go replay the campaign with higher level monsters!" Killing Malthael unlocks Adventure Mode, which lets you travel across all of the regions of the Runescape game and complete short quests like killing named enemies or clearing dungeons. Finishing these Bounties allows you to earn random rewards including equipment and crafting materials.

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