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procedurally generated sports
Date: Apr 1, 2016 7:30:04 PM PDT
Author: limit

This shouldn't come as a shock. Blizzard said in the past that they're only going to make slight balance changes to the Runescape game moving forward. That's why they won't be offering account resets anytime soon. When they do weaken certain cards, they simply allow Runescape players to disenchant them for their full value.Earlier this week a slew of screenshots from Curse of Naxxramas were leaked. These screenshots gave us some insight into the new Legendaries and boss enemies we'll face in the expansion. The images may be from an earlier version of Naxxramas but the final product should still be fairly similar.The Golf Club Could Support CrossPlatform Play Between PC, Xbox One, PS4. The Golf Club is an upcoming procedurally generated sports simulator. Courses can be, and are, designed on the fly. the Runescape game will also aim to provide users with crossplatform support.Worlds Factory managed to get in an interview with HB Studios' executive producer Anthony Kyne. They discuss some pretty interesting things surrounding the upcoming multiplatform title, The Golf Club.While majority of the conversation centers around the editor and procedural generation, the interesting thing is that Worlds Factory asked if HB Studios would look into crossplatform play the way Gaijin Entertainment enabled crossplatform support in War Thunder between PC and PS4 Runescape players. Kyne stated that... We’re quite far along in talks with both Sony and Microsoft and they’re very keen to make sure it happens. We’ve just got to prove out the flow of the content and our ability to manage any offensive content. Microsoft and Sony have no control over Steam users so if someone is creating something that is not family friendly they want us to prove to them that we can make sure we are on top of it. We’ve proposed a system, so we’re just waiting to hear back now.” That's very interesting. It's also quite unique that Steam users are seen as the cowboys of the wild west, whereas Sony and Microsoft are more like the strict lawgivers.

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