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Why am I leaving my Fortnite Account Supporting
Date: Jul 17, 2018 5:45:34 PM PDT
Author: Cszcy

Unlike Fortnite, though, Overwatch's story lacks a focal point. If you request any given Overwatch player what is occurring right now in the present day deadline, I am willing to wager that they'd shrug and, at best, be able to offer up the backstories of a few of their favourite heroes. In-game story events, meanwhile, have been concentrated on building out backstory even more, but at a mostly disconnected fashion that is hard to tie into a larger arc unless you're a dyed-in-the-wool lore nerd.

Earlier this year, for example, the Retribution event followed Reaper, McCree, Moira, and Genji via an ordeal in Overwatch's past that we have been informed --not revealed --is critical. We then jumped back into the present and obtained a new hero completely unrelated to this occasion, Hammond. I've spoken to friends who took a break in the game for just a month or two, which was enough to set their heads turning. Blizzard asserts that Overwatch's narrative will begin cohering and moving forward soon, but it's already been two years.

The aforementioned reams of fan fiction and fan art, although surely a indication of Overwatch's victory, also strike me as an attempt at making sense of it all, deriving order out of chaos. Overwatch's story and world are not even that complex: there's just a bunch happening, and in-game events ping-pong between timelines, which makes it hard for the game's whole player base to get invested in any 1 thing.

Events like last season's meteor and this season's rift-a-palooza are steeped in mystery. That might lead to a similar confusion in case that's all that was happening, but in Fortnite they're tied into a concrete end result: map changes. Fortnite has just 1 map, and over the course of thousands of battles royale (the correct plural; do not @ me), gamers are now intimately familiar with . The rift event, especially, has taken advantage of this, sucking up signs, mascots, and other cherished landmarks one by you to the point that gamers have been holding in-game ceremonies to mourn them.
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