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Write a response to the prompt or to what others have written. Remember, no criticism. Tell what you liked, what you'll remember, what they did well.
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NBA 2K 19 - a Brief Overview (View)
Date: Jul 17, 18 7:17 PM

Post your questions or writing problems and let others (including Susan) put in their two cents worth.
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FIFA 19 are open now and you can get a copy for (View)
Date: Jul 20, 18 7:33 PM

This is where YOU write about anything you want. Share something you've been working on, or suggest a prompt we all can try out.
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Make Madden NFL 19 Your Game Through These Top Tips (View)
Date: Jul 17, 18 6:47 PM

Use your own magnetic poetry set, or copy & paste the link above into your browser. Choose a magnetic poetry kit to play with. Copy your poem off, or click to submit it to the magnetic poetry site and request an email to yourself. Don't forget to post your poem here.
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And it s the gameplay we come for.  (View)
Date: Oct 23, 16 10:39 PM


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